How well the Skype group discussion went?

Skype group discussion is a free service and lots of people enjoy it. How well the Skype group discussion went today? The video below will show you:


1. Save time. Wherever your group members and you are, you can chat or video call with others. Don’t need ask everyone’s free time to get together have a real meeting. Don’t push you hurry from somewhere to go to meeting place. Everyone is satisfy with this freedom discussion.

2. Convenient. Turn on your smart phone, click the Skype, choose the group, then DISCUSS! Even when you are eating or in the bathroom! Also, you can share links, pictures, videos, documents or whatever you want. It’s pretty easy!

3. Increase work effect. As point 1 and 2, Skype group discussion implement you and your group members be apart from many places in the world, only if there’s a internet. It is more smooth for the international communication and contact each other more closer.


1. If there’s no internet, group discussion information will delay or miss.

2. Over-reliance on the internet communication may bring out ‘silence‘ in real meeting/group work or communication with others.

In conclusion, Skype group discussion bring us a really smart way to quick share our ideas to others. But we cannot rely on it all the time.


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