Music telling a story is amazing!

This is a music video shows us a simple story but not boring. Instead of the simple story, humbling music of piano plus cello and the absolutely fabulous shooting style attract audiences. 

Strength of this video:

Use Montage to describe a life story: 1.Boy and girl’s grew up and get married then have a baby; 2. Tree’s grew up to perish but turn to a new ‘life’. Use drawing  to display some difficult shoot instead. Also has turning point in whole story-line. Story-line goes along with the ups and downs of the music.

A little flashbacks in the end of the story that render topic “my life” to main actor and telling audiences why the old man draws the house at the beginning of the story.

Weakness of this video:

Do not feel like getting all teary-eyed with audiences, not too touching. After all, this is a music video.

Over all, the whole video use of light, colour, framing,composition(of course the music is the main ‘story’), focus. In addition, it related to animation for making up the whole video. The video cut switch between ‘The piano guys’ playing music and the ‘life story’ telling, brings audience enjoyment of audible and visual. In the other hand, it seems like parallel action which make the sound (music) and the ’life story‘ get a clever linked.  


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