About ‘writing/reflectively’

There’s two points that excite me and I never wrote reflection before. This reading helps me a lot and I can learn how to write reflection.

Firstly, I learned that “reflective writing maybe a means of become clearer about something”. No one can start without problem, especially the beginner like me. Beginner will has more stuff to become clearer and improve ourselves. I “might then ‘put’ ideas, information, feelings, other people’s perspectives and advice” ”into the ‘melting pot’”. I should make clearer what I should do more and learn more or maybe what should I change.

Secondly, I realize that “reflective writing is not a ‘straightforward’ description”. Describe what I have done in class is not enough. I should point maybe why and how I did in my work and the strength and the weakness. Or something new when I review my work then thinks about. In addition, change about the manner I did is may another hand to reflective and also can achieve other opinions from other viewers to improve myself. I think reflection is the way can pulled myself out of original works, and put myself to another view to evaluate myself. ‘Straightforward’ description seems useless if I pay more attention to think about ‘how to make it more work in the future’. It will help more to enhance my own skill learn.

By the way, I searched and watched an video below to make more clearly about reflective writing:



Moon, Jennifer, A. 2004, A handbook of reflective and experiential learning: theory and practice, New York, RoutledgeFalmer, RMIT EBook, viewed 22 Aug 2014


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