My goals and desires from Industrial Media unit

From this unit, firstly, I think I should learn the basic knowledge and technology. For example: how to use different kinds of equipment of making photos, videos and audios; how to edit original media works and so on. These basic skills are important for me, a beginner, to start my Media course (I was learning Finance and business management before, such a different area).

Secondly, it’s an improvement for me to professional level. I think I need more practice then can make some short videos or audios by myself. The works can show audiences something have meanings and good ideas. They should attract audiences and look like professional.

In this learning process, I think I will study not only the equipment and software related, but also skills of shooting, conception, editing or maybe producing manners. In addition, group work skills also need to improve and we should learn from each others. I also will get lots of fun in this unit and enjoy it.


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