Impressions of “Nostalgia For the Light”

For the whole fragment watching, I can’t say I like this video or not. Maybe the theme is too serious and performance manner is not directly. It connects two very different kinds of things to contract theme, but need audience to think about it deeply later.

At the beginning, I thought it was talking about astronomy. Because the camera and the sound & music rendering extreme the astronomical telescope and the moon. But I felt something wrong with the sound and the surface of gray moon, they were too repression. When the shoot focused on surface of the moon for a long time, even slowly cut the scene into more darkness, and the music become sadly, I feel “Death”.

Then the mix sound with birds singing and wind swaying the trees go through the sadly music, scene change to the light of a window. When the voice-over happened, I thought the main story start. The scene changed a lot to focus on the still life stuff for several second with the voice-over storyteller. Shoot used full of light and shadow staggered and still with low mix sound of background guided audiences to focus on the voice-over telling the story. Empty room and the voice-over guided audiences to think about the story in the past.

Main scene changed again, director use the tree which outside the house with the wind to convergence dust. It remained audience to think about the past, the dust of anatomy and the history…Only can hear the voice-over and the wind blowing.

Sense changed to an area of ruins, voice-over come to an end, the sadly music was played again. Audience started focus on the shoot. The camera moved from bottom to top, voice-over came again and finish this end.

Thus, I realize this theme is about the past, life and dust.


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