The case reflection: ‘Lenny’


Our group was not clearly about the different change scene for shooting, we just focus on practice how to become each character of video making, like actor/actress, director, cameraman, sound recordist, slate. Additional, this cost much time to change character and we just make two fragments can be edit with different scenes and same actors as showing above.

Next time, I think for a group, we should make sure who will become which character firstly then start the work. Thus, every group member should practice before and know ‘who I am’ & ‘what should I do’ clearly.

The shoot:

We did not think too much about the different scenes with same actors and the move or focus of the shoot. Maybe some of our cameraman pay attention to the movement and the focus of the shoot, but not use this manner often.

I think we can appropriate use shoot movement or focus to someone or some stuff to highlight them. We can also add more scenes with same actors or different shoot angel to make shoot.


I just started learning how to edit video with the software of Adobe Premiere. For me, it is quick to study how to cut and edit clips. But it’s hard for me to edit the part of the sound. I cost much time to edit the sound because I found that the two clips I can only edit with different sound of raining. I should make the background sounds smoothly.

I think there’s a part I also can edit is the sound track. For example, when ‘Ven’ looked down at the case then back at ‘Lenny’ said:” A lot better here than where it was. I’ll tell you for free…LENNY.” I can make the sound from ‘Van’, but focus from ‘Van’ to ‘Lenny’. ‘Lenny’ seems like listen to ‘Van’ and confused.


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