Yeah, this is our international student success university life~

Description: This blog is for Media Objects unit with photography reflection. 5 photos were taken from two different cameras: Sony DSC-200W and Canon D7 with 15-85mm lens. None of them is edited. 

Alright, tell the simple story first:

As an international student, I’m thinking about how is my University life worthy. 

International student life 01

Study alone: Sometimes we may study alone. But enjoy the study or make hard work on it and improve ourselves.

International student life 02

Make fresh fruit juice by ride a bike: Sometimes we may enjoy a random activities from university for relaxing and ‘charge our power’. Activities are the toner in our study life.

International student life 03

Field goal: Sometimes we may enjoy a match for keeping our health, sharing exciting time and making more friends.

International student life 04

Cheers!: After a group work done, we may celebrate with group members and share the happiness of success. We can get the recognized of each other and become friends.

International student life 05

Delicious dish: And most times, we enjoy cooking or housework ourselves. Cooking delicious food and enjoy it is a simple and best way to treat ourselves.

Yeah,  this is our international students university life. We love and enjoy our study and life, this is the success by ourselves. We will make our university life more colorful and wonderful!


I didn’t think of a story before but I walked out. From my home, my former university, my current university and nearby places, I shot many photos to collect and create my story. In addition, this is my first time to use SLR, so I did a quick learn from my friend who knows how to use it and I practiced one day. I’m luck that borrowed the last SLR from university. I’m too noob to use SLR but I’m happy to learn how to use it. Photography course give me a chance to learn shoot skills and I like to try different ways to shoot. I think I will post my practice photography in other place.

Alright, for this five photography, I like to reflect upon that difference:

1. For the first photography,‘Study alone’, I tried to use the Canon Digital SLR to make a perspective/angle shoot. This is a looking up angle with a little shallow in front of the photo. Put the people in the middle of the whole area for highlights ‘alone’. But bright ambiance didn’t make audience feel lonely.

The light is not that good enough because it’s too bright outside and I think I forgot to change the light mode of the camera. It’s a little dark inside the indoor scene and the color is not good enough. The person is not in the correct middle. I think I should change a little bit of the framing and composition or find somewhere more colorful.

2. The second photography, ‘Make fresh fruit juice by ride a bike’, is shot outside and the sun is too bright. This one I used Sony digital camera to change the white balance to sunny outdoor scenes and change the ISO to the minimize value but still bright. Fortunately, I caught some sun light lines in front of the blackboard. I tried to use looking up angle to tell audience about the ‘juice’ (what’s going on). From the blackboard to the person who was riding the bike to make juice would make sense.

The exposure was too much and maybe no main focus in this photo. Audience maybe know this is talk about juice but may don’t know is riding make a juice. So maybe I should find other angle for framing or other way to composition.

3. The third photography, ‘Field goal’, cost too much time to shoot. I tried using Sony camera to shot too many photos of people playing basketball for the moment of basketball into the rim. I stayed there more than one hour. It was very hard to capture a moment when people and basketball moving. So I set my camera can take three photos one shoot.  This photo is just right and also the only one which I made the shutter speed slow that some moving people and the part of basketball & the nets are fuzzy.

I don’t know the light is good or not because I met the sunset and most part of the photo is in the shadow of a building. I made the framing and composition ‘rule of thirds’ but seems a bit slant. And I think for this kind of shoot, I need tripod to make stable angle.

4. Forth photography, ‘Cheers!’, was shot by a random spot. I just pass a crowd and request them as models to help me for taking this photo. I enjoy this way to shoot as you don’t know what surprise photo you will take. Yes, I’m a little shy and has poor English speaking skill but I tried to brace up my self to talk with them. I feel this is a good way for me to touch with people and exercise myself.

This photo shot also take in the later sunset, so I changed white balance and higher ISO. This one used the edge of frame manner to highlight people cheering this activity. We can see the slow shutter speed in the background with the crowd flow.

This photo is not clearly enough that maybe the reason is the light. I may change the ISO value higher. Everyone’s face in the photo is too red, this is the point I should adjust.

5. The last photography, ‘Delicious dish’, was taken by Canon digital SLR. In addition, the taken time was evening, so I asked my friend use phone light irradiate on the dish. I used lens length—macro to focus the dish in the visual centre. The diced of carrot was uphold and thumbs up both are serve as a foil of the ‘delicious’. Shallow ‘chef’ is in the background make sense that someone cooked the dish instead of bought it.

I think I should choose daytime to take this photo will be better, so the background won’t dark. Although I adjust the ISO to the max by 3200, the florescent light still not well enough.


Jeremy, B 2014, ‘MO Lecture 3’, COMM 2531: Media Objects—Photography & Sound, Learning material on Google Drive, RMIT, 3 August, viewed 30 August 2014.

Jeremy, B 2014, MO Photography, Learning material on Google Drive, RMIT, 22 August, viewed 30 August 2014.


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