What’s new for me to read? (11.09~14.09.2014)

As the article reading selection, I want describe one point from ‘SIGHT AND HEARING’ of Drama folder and the other point from ‘Pawel Pawlikowski’ of Doco folder.

1. Well, about sight and hearing. I have a new cognitive. One of the points “If the eye is entirely won, give nothing or almost nothing to the ear. One cannot be at the same time all eye and all ear. ” is showing on this video I found:

The soundtrack seems horrible, but the video not. When watching the video, you even want to laugh more than scared. This is when your eyes watching wins, what you can hear is maybe nothing. I think this idea can be used in the future practice. And it may be a good creative even can make further effective.

2. For reading this article, I understanding some information about TV documentary. Although ‘Television is a fast-developing mass industry’, but ‘Verite film-making may once have been novel and refreshing’ and ‘ this type of TV documentary is the future’. It is popular with the viewers and also cheap. This revolution of TV documentary brings new vitality. People who watching these products do not think they are film, they just want feel the life which TV shows. In addition, this products also have more ‘ambitious’. It shows two sides of a coin in this world. The successful documentaries are from people who have more time to research or living to the place they interview. As the long time ‘human story’, some of them are entry into the cinema. This kind of TV shows reminds me to think of Discovery, National Geographic. These are the wonderful TV documentaries shows everyone about the world.


Bresson, R 1986, Notes on the cinematographer, (p50~52), London: Quartet, RMIT Ebook, viewd 11 September 2014.

MacDonald, K & Cousins 1996, M. Imagining reality, (p.389-392), London: Faber & Faber, RMIT Ebook, viewd 12 September 2014.


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