A little audio story (reflection)

Well, this is the little audio story about arriving on time success. Using Zoom recorder to record the sounds.

This idea comes from my way between home to university. It tells a story: someone get off the train, leave the train station–>start running–>the music clock ringing–>another one is drinking and seems waiting, the door open and waiting female talk. Yeah, the person who moves from train to the place success arrives on time.


For first sound, I was record many clips about the train, like train coming then go away, the train moving, on the train then it stops and this one. I finally chose this as it closer to the next sound and can suitable connect the story. The crowd voice and the steps sound are the atmosphere, the train going away sound is the key tell where the place is. 

In addition, audience may have no idea about what story I’m telling about, they just know it happens in train station. It’s easy to know people are getting off the train as at the beginning we can hear the door of the train open then the train going away and steps sound not stops. Only the question is the main character is waiting for the train or just gets off the train. This may be a little confused of audience.

The second sound is about the main character start to run. I think I make a great beginning, because we can hear the step is slowly at start. Audience may realize she was watching the time then thinking “I’ll be late!”, then she start to run. We can clearly hear the steps sound become quickly and the character starts to gasp. The car rush away is noise unintended. The birds singing are the ambient. In result, audience knows that she has left the train station and go outside near the road and maybe cross a park.

I also recorded the sound of something knock, audience may confuse about this sound, “what is this?” and they can’t imagine it. Well, this is the sound of my headphone line knock the recorder. I should think of a way to avoid this noise.

The third sound is the music clock ringing. Audience can clearly know the time. I think this is a good idea to remind the time. Why main character run? This is a tip. All people living in Melbourne will know this is the famous music clock in Melbourne Center. To record this sound, I should pay attention to the time beforehand. I try to avoid the crowd sound, so I go upstairs behind the clock to record. So the crowd sound becomes lower and the music clock sound becomes higher. As the important part is the clock, I should come closer to it. In addition, I especially use single side to record that noisy becomes less. And yes, this is another scene without main character.

The last sound I recorded at home. Pouring water, drink it, to swallow it, open the door and the speed are all record by myself. Yes, I did this near the door. The atmosphere is quite, so I can easily record these detail voices. Audience is easy to imagine this is another scene.

As only by myself, I was hard to record “other person coming” and forgot to record the main character knock the door and come in (steps sound). Also, my speech is too high as recorder is close to my mouth. Certainly, I can’t record two people’s dialogue if I was not play the role of two different voices.


Jeremy, B 2014, MO: Storytelling with sound, Learning material on Google Drive, RMIT, 22 August, viewed 15 September 2014.

Jeremy, B 2014, ‘MO Lecture 3’, COMM 2531: Media Objects—Photography & Sound, Learning material on Google Drive, RMIT, 3 August, viewed 18 September 2014.


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