“Always on the way”– Abstract Editing Exercise

For this abstract editing exercise, we were going out shot different things. I watched others’ clips and selected some of them, then collect and edit clips for my abstract short video edit. Finally done my edit like this below and named it “Always on the way” to tell “end is anther begin”:

Source (background music): FREE STOCK MUSIC


The shoot

Our shoots focus on some different ways like overlooking, macro, vision, partial close and so on. But I was not use all the material in the edited video.

I find some difficult to shoot the random item like bee, it was hard to be ‘caught’. Framing and composition are not easy for macro shoot, because it’s not easy to set the edge of frame after you set the tripod. Also if we were not using tripod, it’s hard to keep the camera stationary. Unfortunately, I find that some groups forgot to set the write balance, so I was not pick the overexposed clips but they has good framing.

I really like our shoot focus on partial close as it can clearly outline what happening, like feet steps, steam on the hot drink, moving snookers and so on.

The edit

I collect most clips about people walking, because I want find the common points to make the logic line. Certainly, all the similar clips will make a boring show, so I add other clips like bee and fountain, but seems like they are excess. I deleted some clips I added before to make the short video more compact, so I chose vitality background music to break the little boring atmosphere. As the video has only 1 minute, I use the very different scene at last to outline the theme/ point. Also, the subtitles in the end tell the idea of the video.

Images, background music, soundscape and subtitle are the layering of this video. I will talk about them below:

For the video clips, I added brightness switch to connect each clips. Connected people walking and traffic flow to tell the conceptual  logistically. Some of the clips are related to each other: 1. Three scene connected of people walking from left to the right of the view angle; 2. In the overlooking shoot, the tram move to the street turning, the next scene is a straight view shoot of another tram but can be connected; 3. Whole process is people walk from university to the street and cross the street to another place.

As well as the end is a indoor scene means ‘beginning’ this conceptual. I cut out the part of beginning of snooker also prove the point.

I’m thinking about editing speed of the video clips, but I was not edit. This is the point I will learn about. Slow down or fast forward some view of the clips will enriched the video.

For the audio, basically I use background music for the first half of the video and deleted the original soundscape. Close to the end of the video, I keep two clips’ soundscape to boost the end of the music. The sound of bump snooker is suitable with the rhythm of ending music. I really like this part.

The remind sound of cross road was edited from low to normal and do not give an unexpected feeling. I think the sound of people voice form beginning of snooker part should be edit a bit lower. Maybe I should add more atmosphere sound while subtitle appearing.

Why I set audios like this? Because first half of the video performances a process of people walking. Close to the end, when people walk cross the road is a turning point of whole video, so I keep the original soundscape to tell audience there’s a ‘change’. Of course, the background music end means whole video become end.

In the end, the subtitle outlines the theme. I don’t know how to keep it in the middle of the screen for several seconds, so I slow down its speed. In addition, the subtitle was written by myself and modeled the Haiku.


FREE STOCK MUSIC, Free Pop Rock Production Music “Pink Garbage” 2014, viewed 1 October 2014, <http://www.freestockmusic.com/2014/pop-production-music/free-pop-rock-production-music-pink-garbage/>


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