Colour grading on clips

This is an interesting part for me to learn editing clips colors. Actually, I’m using Photoshop to edit photos colors, so it is not that difficult for me to edit simple video colors. Yes, they are similar manners to edit. I watched Premiere Pro CS6 Three-Way Color Corrector and read Andrea’s course guide, I use Adobe Pr to edit some clips and I screenshot the before & after of some moment of these clips.

As Andrea shows to me, there are three qualities of color: Hue, Saturation and Luminance, I try each of them to edit the shooting practice we did before:

Firstly, I use ‘RGB Curves’ to edit:

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The original ones color is not good enough, maybe because of the long-range shooting. As the red building is a main colorful item in this clip, I edit it become more colorful. I mainly twisted the red and the green color curves and use the blue color curve to make balance. The clips become more vivid and feast for the eyes.

Secondly, I edit by ‘Brightness & Contrast’:

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This one mainly changes its light and shade. As it was less exposure of the stuff in the main area or not focuses on the vicinity items, the sky was overexposed. I increase its brightness and more contrast that it seems like not much overexposed.

Thirdly, use ‘Three-Way Color Corrector’ to mainly change the background color:

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As we see the original one’s background was close to grey, I edit it become green. Audience will imagine the background maybe are some green plants or green wall. And as I know that green is better for our eyes feel more comfortable.

Finally, I mix the three ways of the color edit above:

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This is a movement clips talk about sports, so I edit it to become more colorful and also adjust its brightness & contrast. It becomes not that lifeless.


Andrea, R 2014, ‘Industrial Media: Colour grading’, Film, TV, Video, Media, RMIT, viewed 10 October 2014, <> 2012, Premiere Pro CS6 Three-Way Color Corrector | tutorial 2012, 23 April, viewed 15 October 2014, <>


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