Review Cory Loftis’ Tumblr

Cory Loftis is an Artist. I know him from Disney animation movie “Frozen”. He is the illustrator who design the arts on the wall in this movie. All the arts on the wall are adapted from famous paintings.

These arts on the wall are really good interpretation of the author’s imaginative. They are based on famous paintings but also has Cory’s style. Audience will feel like familiar, but not totally copy, moreover, they are fit all the animation movie and display Disney’s ingenious ideas and storytelling. As princess Anna cosplay every actress of paintings cause a lot of fun.

In addition, Cory’s other arts sometimes bring me ideas to creative things. Each arts of his has a item called ‘spirituality’. Some of the arts looks like storytelling. I was never boring to appreciate his arts. Why I’m like his arts, that’s the reason.


Cory Loftis’s tumblr, viewed 23 October 2014, <>


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