Digital Drawing

Well, I use digital drawing for our group’s digital story — Mr. Badinglish Logo.

First of all, I should find some material like topper, moustache, glasses and eyebrows.

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Then based on our actor’s photography to combination the materials I really want.

Actor, Yuri's photograpy

Actor, Yuri’s photography

Moustache, glasses and eyebrows are easy to use Photoshop cut out. Topper should edit to caton style and adjust it’s size and looking. Then I use graphic tools to draw two circles and make them to nesting and also draw a semicircle as the base of this nesting circle. Add text “Mr Badinglish”. And use print tool to color the background blank into khaki, but inside the circle. Furthermore, I use Illustrator to interception texture by a vector then add it to the khaki background. Thus, the khaki background seems not that rigid. Finally, I save this digital drawing as .png format, because of .png format has transparent background and high quality use for online.

Designed by Janet Ji (me)

Designed by Janet Ji (me)

Then our digital story Logo done.


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