Hashtag research


Hashtag research looks like use key words for searching Google, but more useful in twitter. This simple # include lots of informations in twitter.

For my digital story, we decided to make some short videos to tell people we should learn good English or we will make mistake or cause misunderstanding. I used twubs to search hashtag as #badenlish, #englishfail, #misunderstanding, but lots of excess twitter showing there and I should cost time to screening what I want. I tried to search two words together that maybe can narrow range, but it not allowed me to do that. In another side, when I was doing screening, some other hashtag showing in the twitters can give me some association of ideas that I can search on Twitter, Twubs, Google or something else.

In addition, I find searching hashtag can find what people interested in nowadays. So if I want people pay attention to our digital story, I should use more hashtags which relative to our digital story and most close to people’s interesting words and common words like #comedy, #fun, #funny, #joke, #story and so on to attract audience.


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