Reflection of Digital Story

All right, these our digital story final compilation below:

Group members: Yuri Ardana, Angela Chohee Kim, Janet Chao Ji and Jessie Xi Tan

Designed by Janet Ji (me)

Designed by Janet Ji (me)

“Mr. Badinglish is someone who’s having language barrier problems, and should definitely learn better english.” This is our introduction for our digital story.

Creative Thinking:

At the beginning, we decided to create fiction digital story. Then Yuri bring us ideas about Mr. Badinglish. We wrote 4 scripts (Chop & KillForkPark View and Sheet.) and plan all the things we will do. I designed the logo based on photograpy of Yuri (our main actor).IMG_4748

Finding Audience/ Social Network Strategy:

It has lots of fun to do a comedy digital story. “You need to find social media groups that like to watch comic video, or maybe people who study English language.” This is what our tutor give us suggestions. So I was sharing videos links to all my English learning friends with a social media software called QQ (a Chinese social media software looks like Skype), which I often use and contact my friends as private or groups. I find some Chinese groups like who studying in RMIT, who studying in Melbourne, who studying in English speaking countries. In addition, my group members created Weebly, Twitter and Instagram pages for Mr. Badinglish. I also created Facebook page for it, as Andrea (our tutor) gave us this suggestion. And I invited most of my Facebook friends to like the page.

Shooting & Editing:

We chosen a lovely day to shoot our footages. We prepare two cameras that we can better get more footages. As different cameras has different qualities, our footages are not same quality.

Light is a problem when we shooting indoor, we try to use three light ways to set the lights. And we have no tripod, so it’s also hard for us shooting. We use table and books to adjust the cameras position. Hmm, I think this is a good idea.

Some of our audience ask me about the slap in “Fork” part. “Is it real slap?” Then I told them: “It’s not real, Yuri just make slap himself under table at the same time Jessie ‘slap’ his face.” “So smart, hmm~” Yes, I approval Yuri is a really good actor. In addition, careful audience may find there’s the same actor in “Park view” part. Yuri just ‘make up’ to looks like two actors. Also hard to shoot the driver scene of “Park view” part if we shoot the front face of actor (small space in the car), so we use mirror to achieve our shooting.

Editing is really good by Yuri. Just a few defect is that Jessie’s scene of the different quality of footage which Yuri forgot to edit. If there’s more time, I think we can fix it by color grading.


Now, we got some views data of our videos, but not that much. I think this is the weakness and challenge we should pay attention to. Also if we get more times to figure it out how to get more audience and feedbacks.

Alright, thanks for my group did this digital story. It is not our end, it is our beginning.

PS. My work is design the Logo, cameraman and creative Facebook page.

Mr. Badinglish all pages links:





Videos music source:
Rags2RichesRag –
Panama Hat –


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