Search engine comparison

Here I would compare three search engine: Google, DuckDuckGo and InstaGrok.


Different Results Analyse:

I have use ‘digital story’ this topic to search in these three search engine and find some differences.

The directly difference is Google and DuckDuckGo seems like similar data showing manner: firstly, shows advertising result, then shows the most closely result. There’s an “About” and “Related Topics” in the top of result from DuckDuckGo, Google has related topic under the results. DuckDuckGo tips are more thinking about users and it shows the main web address under every result. But about the information categories, Google seems like has more content.


Google has web, images, videos,shopping, news category and ‘more’ choices and ‘search tools’


DuckDuckGo only has web, images and videos category

For InstaGrok, it’s a very different from Google and DuckDuckGo. The result looks like a cobwebs and you can click on every branch for more information. It has lots of category. InstaGrok seems like more suitable for student to learn what they need. It said “Research any topic with an interactive concept map, that you can customize and share” also it’s special function that the other two search engine can’t easily achieve. I also can type notes as my personal search engine.


In addition, InstaGrok is the slowest search for result and it has no drop-down menu to give suggestions when I typing the key words.

Acquisition Policies and Implications Comparison:

So normally, I will use Google or DuckDuckGo to search informations. If I need academic research and make my own study plan for some topics, I will use InstaGrok firstly and typing some notes, then use Google or DuckDuckGo for more informations if I want.

Google only shows several result in one page and I can click on next page, but DuckDuckGo seems like it can load all the result forever if you roll down the page. So I think it’s hard to review what I checked before if I use DuckDuckGo. Actually, InstaGrok has much less informations details about my keywords. It seems like only has some of what it has on it’s own (maybe it’s users add them?), so it has Limitations.


This is a graphic shows how InstaGrok work, so I think although it has its limitation, it has it’s search quality assurance. All the information has being screening.


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