What happened? — A Locative Media

Firstly, you can use your smartphone to scan this QR CODE below.


Then my little story on:

This is a silent and cold evening, I’m cooking my noodles. Suddenly, my couple friends looks like abnormal anxiety. Lucy said she heard a loud sound and felt whole apartment shake once. Tony draw the curtains of the living room then said: “Something was happened, lots of smoke on the road. We should escape!”

I’m at a loss and several second later I think I should close the stove. “Bomb!” The second loud sound I can hear clearly. We all think this must be a bomb attacks! So I take a random coat and follow my friends go downstairs and escape out of this apartment. Guess what I see and never see before? Whole road filled with smoke and I can’t see anyone clearly.


As there’s a corner, I can’t see what happened over there. Lucy and me start running till about 50 meters far away. Then we call 000 (Australian emergency). Lucy is describing what she heard and the whole road filled with smoke on the phone. We notice there’s a fire truck coming. After a few minutes, we also notice the police car and the ambulance coming. Smoke become less and less, so we go back to the corner to see what happened.


Well, the truth is a drunkard man drove his car dash the wall in the other side of the corner twice.

What a fright evening! What a false alarm evening! I’m thinking of my noodles! (Dumbfounding)

Fortunately, no bomb attacks. Or I will lose my home.


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