Sketch One

(As I just register Vimeo and still not receive anything about confirm letter that I can’t upload videos, I use my group member’s URL)

Edited with: Gameurvideo

This is a single short video for fingers language. As a part of our bodies, fingers has their body langrage can show our emotion, communications and closeness.

This is a comedy short video. We focus on two characters’ fingers language to show audience a communication between two people. As easy to see, person A are rhythmic knocking the table show that she is thinking about something. Then another person (B) try to attract her, using forefinger to touch person A, but A throw off B’s hand. Person A doesn’t want to be disturbed. Later on, person A seems think out something and she wants B come back. Here, our character  A pounds the table then use hook forefinger to ask person B come to her. But person B seems unhappy and she shakes her hand to reject person A’s require. Immediately, person A seems become angry and she use count “one, two, three” to threat person B. Just in time, person B is holding person A’s hand while the “three” coming out. Person B finally obedience person A’s claim and stop her crossness. Person B get a praise, thumbs up, from person A and she finally feel good so she applaud.

Whole video were shot by iPhone and edited by ‘Gameurvedio’, as the limited by fee, we can’t edit background music/sound. We expected to remove all the background sound and voice and add comedy music to build a relaxed and funny atmosphere. So we can use fingers language to show audience the affordance of the chosen video by case study (kiss of feet) about closeness. Only close relationship can communicate like we show. They are not serious angry, just got joke of each other. That’s a wonderful way to describe how closeness they are, like many close relationship in this world. Slow motion, fast forward and after effects editing are all use for accentuating different motions. A whole style change is for more comedy.


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