Sketch Two

(As I just register Vimeo and still not receive anything about confirm letter that I can’t upload videos, I use my group member’s URL)

Edited with: Gameurvedio

This sketch shows 4 parts of body language, from feet, hands, mouth and eyebrow. So we focus on the four parts respectively. Feet turn around, hands move to and fro the ring, mouth ineffectively, scowl…all these are showing our character’s nervous emotion step by step closely.

I just use fast forward editing for feet and hands activity, because I expect to make a tension atmosphere. If the limited fee background music ‘dramatic’ can be add will be wonderful, as the atmosphere will be more nervous. Finally when focus on our character’s face, I keep the normal speed that seems like camera freeze on her face for a few second, so audience can pay attention to the expression she is doing. All these activities can be shot as the mobile phone can do closeness shooting and move easily.

Only closeness person can pay attention to others nervous body language like this, especially the face expression. We use the mobile phone camera imitate humans view to observe our characters from low angle with her feet then to her hands and finally focus on her face. Well, this is not a normal person observe sequence but sometimes closeness people will do.


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