Sketch – iPhone Imitate a Dog

Set criteria: Produce sketch entirely using the mobile phone, without using a computer.

Affordance: proximity

I use iPhone which was hold on selfie stick and imitate a dog view. In addition, I also downloaded a free dog sound in another phone and do the record at the same time when I was shooting. Imagining the iPhone become a dog is important. I also watched how dogs move and activity. So it was easy for me to move iPhone like a dog.

Dogs like to smell and search anywhere they want. So I pay attention to control the high degree of the phone and imitate a dog’s head smell on the ground and rise it head to look around. Dogs also are curious babies like to look around everywhere. So after I turn around the phone camera for a while, I imitate a dog gaze the water place for a while. Then use a little shake to imitate a dog’s movement. Not too much shake and don’t let audience feel giddiness. In the end, I use iPhone to imitate the dog find a place and sit down, so “his” head rise up again and move a little back, then looks stable (Yeah, at the same time I end off the shooting).

This is fun and I’m happy to have this idea to shoot this interesting sketch. It is simple but need know how dogs move. So when I shoot this sketch, I should have experience by knowing dog’s activities. This is what our affordance reflect – proximity. Immerses the audience into the experience/ makes them feel close to the experience, so close that they feel they are the characters themselves.

Background music reference:

felix.blume 2011, A dog groaning, moaning, sniffing, panting and grunting., viewed 14 April 2015, <>


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