Sketch – 3×3

Set criteria: Produce sketch using a desktop video editing application on a computer.

Affordance: proximity

This split screens and body parts sketch is easy on shooting part. I just shot 3 people (include me) 3 parts of bodies’: head, body part and foot. Each footage is 15 to 20 seconds. People who first time to watch this sketch will feel like these footages are more than 20 seconds. This is the interesting part from feedback of my friends. As I changed everyone’s parts of bodies’ and sometimes hide some of the footages. They looks like different every time if I don’t tell you they are the same footages. Each footage used 2 or 3 times and they are simple to shoot. You know, the mobile phone is easy to hold without tripod to keep it stable for 15 to 20 seconds. Or if you can’t keep the mobile phone stable also do not matter for this stitching combination sketch.

As it is not hard to shoot and everyone can filming the footages from friends everywhere, it shows our affordance – proximity. It’s capability to be placed anywhere and ease of use mobile phone to shoot and not take long time. This sketch is talking about three kind of jobs people and is easy to understand: cameraman, journalist and writer. The three parts of bodies idea is coming from a Japanese photographer take strangers’ three parts of bodies and show audience only these three parts can show a person’s style. I make the idea become movement footages and put three people together to create an interesting view.

Like you see in this sketch, different people, different jobs and different times plus in one screen also reflect our affordance – proximity. Technology brings us closer. I also can shoot different places that these people also looks like working together. To change their bodies because I want make this sketch more vivid. If they change their bodies will make a fantastic feeling to audience. These three jobs are connect with each other. Three people shoot by different times but can appear on a same time and same screen shows they are nearness in a space. Using computer to editing the scale of footages and put them together by Adobe Premiere. To utilise changing bodies parts is a creative way to make different feelings.

Additional, I removed original soundtrack and add a lively background music to build a interesting atmosphere. That’s why people can not realize they are the same  footages at first time. And it is easy to edit by changed the position of the footages without sound by Premiere.

Background music reference:

AudioBlocks, Piano Singer Songwriter Power Pop Music, viewed 15 April 2015, <>


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