Sketch – Different Filters in Front of the Mobile Phone

Set criteria: Produce sketch that aim to explore a new technique or constraint not mentioned above.

Affordance: proximity

In order to reflect mobile phone shooting more easy, I was not use Premiere or other software to add filters. I just use natural filters to show how mobile phone shooting can without after effects. I only use premiere to edit these footages have an ornamental view (add text, transitions and soundtrack).

Well, using nature filters without software is reflect our affordance:  proximity. Mobile phones are close to our life and they are easy to catch sketches anytime and easy to use. But it has low quality and can not shoot far stuff, also need editing by software if you need more filters on the video. So I’m thinking of nature filters to make it more easy to use mobile shooting. Thus, I asked my father to shoot the three footages by Skype, as I have not much natural filters in Melbourne. My father is living in China and he has no editing skills but can use natural filters to make sketches different from normal ones. I asked him to find different colour glassines and put them in the front of the mobile phone camera. I also asked him to find magnifier, telescope and kaleidoscope. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find the kaleidoscope and the magnifier seems no effect, so they are not showing in this sketch. The last two stuff in this sketch is easy to find, so I shot them myself.

In this sketch, I show how we can use natural filters to make view different. Include Colour glassines are like sun glasses can change the color style of the view. Telescope can focus on far away view like we use eyes to watch through the telescope. Also, nimi flashlight hood and pen point hood are the same effect in front of the phone camera, looks like peek view. So I think out the horror view. In addition, bottle and water are the most normal filters we can get everywhere.

If give me more time, maybe can find more nature filters. Just depend on what I can think out.


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