Sketch – Mouth off

Set criteria: Produce sketch that aim to explore a new technique or constraint not mentioned above.

Affordance: proximity


In the sketch, my friend use an App called “Mouth off” to take action for a funny show. He makes all of us laugh, not only his act but also he did it again and again and finally the friend behind him beat him, seems he is so noisy. Actually,  the beat is exaggeration, but more dramatic. So I use Adobe Premiere and After Effects to edit and add special efficacy to make even more dramatic. Include two footages alternate link, fast forward sound. In addition, I add some efficacy soundtrack to enhance the sketch more ornamental. I was not cut the footages he did wrong act, but add them in this sketch shows how people normally does wrong things also become an interesting thing. I keep everyone laugh sound in this sketch to make the sketch more natural.

Thus, in this sketch, our affordance, proximity, is showing how people use smartphone technology to  bring us closer. Smartphone is like a toy to pleasure friends easily and quickly. We are creating, making, sharing interesting things from smartphone everyday with family and friends, even people who we never know on the internet.


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