Sketch – Paper Girl Stop Motion

Set criteria: Produce sketch that integrate (text or still images or video) into a time-based work. i.e you need to make a work that only works with images for example in a time-based form, or adds text to video content etc.

Affordance: proximity

Well, I use an App called “Stop Motion” to make this sketch.


So I just need to prepare my designed character’s stage property and cost about 1 hour to do this sketch. Yes, stop motion cost time, this 30 second animation use about more than 100 pictures. The hardest way is to think of how can I keep the paper girl stand up and audience can not see the support stuff. I use a small transparent medicine glass to keep the paper girl standing and use angle to hide the glass. Well, after I was doing my another course brief, Illusion of Life,  stop motion experience tell me how to make this animation. I was pay attention to move every stuff step by step and press the shoot button. I also use color pencil to painting the paper girl carefully, as the paper girl can not move to other place too much. It can shoot by myself and easy to transform to an stop motion animation by this App.

Our affordance, proximity, is showing in this sketch story. The paper girl has no color at the beginning. She met makeup stuff and colorful stuff, then came close to them to color herself. It looks like every girl through makeup and wearing colorful clothes to enhance herself to become more beautiful. To be close to everything we meet in our normal life, we can find or discover the beauty is everywhere.

Furthermore, I can’t find a suitable background music, so I was just humming myself as the background music. It sounds like more closeness to audience. (Yeah, this is home made background music! xD)


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