Iteration 1 Reflection- Step by Step 1

Affordance: proximity

Editing by Adobe Premiere

This is the iteration from my previous sketch called 3×3 by split screens.

I was shooting many footage about movement which from one side of the mobile phone screen to another side. Some of them are not move straightly but show the move locus to connect the previous row and the next moment. I just select 10 of them to be edited by Premiere in this iteration. The sequence is suitable for the footage, so I just change each scale of footage to 30% and then change their positions.

The whole iteration is split screens and show the footage one by one to make a “timeline”. They were shot in very different time and locations when I think there was something to shoot. But the “timeline” connect them in a same space. The whole movement looks like a reversed “S” showing step by step. In the end of the iteration, I make the whole footage show up again, only change the last footage to another view to make it be felt end and comedy.

For the nearly final part, all the footage show up. I use Premiere time slow motion and fast forward to keep the 8 front footage appear and disappear at the same time. The last footage – the seagull has been set a different view as an end.

I keep the background sound and add the same vivid background music as 3×3 (as it is free) start after the first tram begin to run. For the end, the music is suitable for the seagull running away step.

What I got from the feedback:

The important feedback for this iteration is although I know what I was making the footage to become a “timeline”, the audience firstly watch this iteration can’t follow the movement. The movement seems run quickly and the audience should watch it again for following. So I think I will not only make the footage show up and disappear, but also should pay attention to make more smoothly to show the two footage connect with each other one by one. The footage previous and  the next may show step by step, but the previous one may disappear after the next one show up.


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