Week 1-3 Journal for Strategic Media Project

Finally I picked my concept from last semester which is an interactive 2D animation called “Fatty Love Rescue”. I collaborate Cici and Nitami as group members to help me run this project.

Cici will become scriptwriter, character designer and animation assistant.

Nitami will become character designer, graphic/ animate elements designer and animation assistant.

We discuss and finished our script and flowchart of the story and develop a plan/ schedule of this project in week 2-3.

The script of the narrative use a very basic theory from the course of “Story, Genre Medium” by Dr Lisa Dethridge. Here’s the triangle for storytelling below:

Script Trangle

In our story:

Protagonist is a girl who was transfer into fatty by a Mad scientist. She should make choice to solve some problems, so she can rescue her boyfriend from mad scientist. She was at loss and feel week at the beginning, then healthy lose weight and become more health bring her strength and brave to rescue her boyfriend.

Key 1 Goal, protagonist’s boyfriend who is kidnapped by a Mad scientist. He has a kind heart and loves his girlfriend.

Key 2 Fear, antagonist is the Mad scientist who suddenly appear and kidnap protagonist’s boyfriend and magic her into a fatty to stop her follow them. The special character Mad scientist should looks like mad and clownish.

The flowchart making is based on the course we did last semester – ” Directions in Narrative “, and fix it with healthy lose weight method which is researched by Nitami.

Flowchart Oraginal

From the flowchart, we can clearly know how many clips we need to produce and what are the connections around these clips.

After first intensive of Strategic Media Project, we changed our project name from “Fatty Love Rescue” to “”Love Rescue”. Because the word of “Fatty” maybe is a bit taboo to some audience.


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