Week 4-5 Journal for Strategic Media Project

These three weeks (include mid-break week) , we are start doing character design and go out to shoot for background materials.

These three weeks (include mid-break week) , we are start doing character design and go out to shoot for background materials.

1. Character design and selection

Cici designed protagonist girl and we named her “Della”. I asked her to designed two types of Della, fat and thin. And also did Della’s boyfriend, Eddie. In addition, antagonist, no name mad scientist. The couple’s style I require is cute and simple, and the mad scientist should have evil teeth expose to show his crazy.


Then Nitami use Adobe Illustrator to bring out these colorful characters.



Mad man & Eddie

Mad scientist & Eddie

As Dr. Vikrant said mad scientist looks familiar. So we avoid copy right issue, Cici designed and produced a new mad scientist with SkechPro.



New mad scientist

I really like the style and color of these characters.

We also creative a supporting role as a raccoon who can play different part as chef and fake doctor.


4 kinds of raccoon designs by Nitami, original drawing by Cici

Finally we choose the 3rd style of raccoon, because we think it is not that cute as No.1 and 4 but also look professional design. 2nd raccoon is too angry.

Why raccoon? Because in Japanese legend story, raccoon is a kind of magic animal who can change his/ her surface into any characters they want. Refer to a Japanese animation called “Pom Poko” (1994)


“Pom Poko” (1994) — Isao Takahata

After character design, I use Photoshop to do characters’ parts division. They will use to be animate in After Effects later.

2. About background

We were going out to take photography for background. But finally we find that, they were not our expected. As my pervious works are not use AE camera movement, normal size photography can be edited into cartoon style by Photoshop. But checked photography we shot, they were not a good choice to be background. We can’t find a place has long distance from us and the horizon can be straight by taken a wide size photography. Or there always has a tree/ trees in front of our view.





So we give up the previous idea to edit photography into cartoon style for this project. Instead of that, we will design background directly use Photoshop and AE.



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