Week 9 Journal for Strategic Media Project

As for 2nd intensive, we upload two clips on Youtube as an example to show how our interactive animation work.

We also did some sound recording and editing in this week. Recording atmospheric sounds and using piano to play very simple sound effects ,”Do ri mi fa”. Edit different speed of sound on a same voice sound track to make different voice sound for Della and Eddie.

As our process is slowly than our schedule, we changed our plan so we can finish them on time.

Original timeline

Original Timeline

Timeline 02

Current situation

Revised Timeline

Revised Timeline

We also consider about cut some clips/ adjust script, but as a director, I don’t want cut too much if the storytelling is not complete. So I decided combine two parts together as they have the similarity options. To make science, I also add one side ending. To animate side ending time must shorter than to animate one storytelling part.

As a feedback from our teacher Dr. Vikrant, we lost a scene to show how mad scientist broke into the room, I will fix it later.


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