Week 10-12 Journal for Strategic Media Project

These three weeks are too busy with animate part.

Only can animate 1~2 clips one day. Because we pay attention to details, we need split lots of element for characters and props which parts would have activities.

Every element should be made by Illustrator and Photoshop. Nitami and Cici designed props like plants, food track, clinic building, cage, machines, main ending’s background and any other props. It is a big work.

To animate last 10 clips, I’m trying my best to make different feelings of each clips, so they won’t looks boring. Some of the animate was not show on our script, as script looks like only a description. As a director and animator, I don’t think we only use “TEXT” to show what happened. I think the meaning of animation is to display what text described by motions. Teacher John (my elective course teacher who teach me animation) motioned me before, animation is a sign or mark. When people watch it, they will know the meaning and instead of they read text.

There are two animate methods for WALK/RUN circle I learnt from “The Animator’s Survival Kit” (Williams 2009)

  1. Getting the Weight

As our main character become fat, so when she run/walk, she must looks “heavy”. “It’s the up and down position of your masses that gives you the feeling of weight”(Williams 2009). After animate fat Della run activity as a composition alone, I put her into scene and make “up and down”, see the motion orbit below:

Della run

In addition, I was pay attention to fat Della’s running activity, not only animate her arms and legs, but also her mood on her face and her head motion. As I practice the action of running by myself and perceive which parts are moving on my body. As well as when she stopped running and have gasp for breath, she must move her body and belly.

  1. Set the Tempo

This method was motioned in my previous journal. As fat Della has two types – fat and thin and she also has run and walk movements on each type. I refer to the list of “set a beat”. It is very useful.

Walk Beat



When I practice on AE and Premiere, I also use these skills:

  1. Lighting

Lighting knowledge learnt from course “Industrial Media”. As our animation is not real 3D, so I set up three lights as shown below. There are two side lights and one “top”/main light:

Lighting 01

Active camera view, three conical shapes are lights

lighting 02

Top view, three conical shapes are lights

  1. 3D concept in 2D movement – Understanding of XYZ axis

This point was talked in my previous journal. I want say more about it because I use code in my AE editing:

  • Code “Wiggle”

I really like to use code to animate and “wiggle” is the most motion I used. It will bring different movement when it is used on different axis or “position”. So understanding of XYZ axis is good experience for motion produce.

I put “wiggle” in fake doctor raccoon floating movement and the “top” light random shaking movement.

Part B Get up and chase the mad scientist.mp4_1465220935

Main Ending.mp4_1465221022

Well, why I think of use code? Because I have knowledge about HTML code and I understand code can do many things. And this is a good evidence demonstrate in AE. I feels AE become more interesting and I want learn more in the future.

  1. Editing, sound recording and editing

I use Premiere to do editing (combine several cuts) and add sounds. Because I think Premiere is more clear to add sound part.

As I motioned in my previous journal, we record some sound by ourselves and change sound speed as a different tone.


  1. Uploading on YouTube and make them interactive

Actually after we watched video to teach how to create interactive videos on YouTube, we find it is easy to put links and follow our new flowchart to connect each clip.

Love Rescue Flowchat





  1. Williams, R 2009, The Animator’s Survival Kit, Expanded Edition, Faber and Faber Limited, London.
  2. Sanders, J , How to Create an Interactive YouTube Video (YouTube Annotations) 2014, 21 October, viewed 4 May 2016, <https://youtu.be/CICbO4L_-iI>.

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