Portfolio Essay for PIM course

How has my practice changed in the studio?

In the studio, continues practices and digging new ideas are achievements and rewards. This class opened my mind. At beginning, I understood the pro and cons of cellphone video, which I can use its advantages and avoid those disadvantages. The depth of cellphone focus is short and quality of videos are not as brilliant as professional cameras. But by wisely using, cellphone video can make marvelous images. Mobile applications in smartphones provides significant assistance for improve efficiency. As certain, editing footages made by smartphone on desktops can add effects that are unachievable for mobile apps. Editing on desktop is only more complicate than editing on smartphone. Smartphone is portable, has more possible angles, less preparation, less support equipment, faster and easier uploading, widely sharing and spreading than traditional camera. As an important instrument in new media era, smartphone is playing an irreplaceable role.

At times before, I have not utilized smartphone for making video projects. However, with many practices recently, I found that smartphone is a flexible and interesting filming tool. I will constantly think and innovate my shoot skill and filming methods, which is undoubtedly meaningful.

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Project 4 Reflection- Try Me

Edit by Adobe Premiere and After Effects

Background Music source from audioblocks.com

Effect Sound source from freesound.com

Affordance: Proximity

Based on previous two iterations (Iteration 1; Iteration 2), I decided to use a small comedy as my final project. For expressing affordance-proximity, I create a story that two characters chasing each other and getting closer and closer. The robbery idea came from the part of “Philip Bloom, Barbie Camera Challenge” and I learnt a lot from this video.

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