Review of Industrial Media


Well, from my goals and desires at the beginning of the semester, I got some skills for editing footages (cut, color grading and remix), audio (sound/ music pitch edit or so on), texts (motion)and how to remix them, even how to shooting & recording using hardware devices, how to set stage lights and so on. Additional, I have read many documents about images, sounds, write scraps and so on. Use these skills and knowledge, I can independent edit a short remix video like Media Objects Assessment 4. Although, this is not very satisfied for myself, but compare to my zero entry level at the beginning, it’s a ‘big’ change. I’m not a beginner anymore and have made some short videos and audios by myself.

In my beginning post I wrote: “In this learning process, I think I will study not only the equipment and software related, but also skills of shooting, conception, editing or maybe producing manners.” And these trying are all come true or mostly achieved now.

Thanks for my whole semester learning and practicing and thanks for teaching me lots of skills and knowledge. I think this is just a good beginning. I will improve myself in the further studying.

Colour grading on clips

This is an interesting part for me to learn editing clips colors. Actually, I’m using Photoshop to edit photos colors, so it is not that difficult for me to edit simple video colors. Yes, they are similar manners to edit. I watched Premiere Pro CS6 Three-Way Color Corrector and read Andrea’s course guide, I use Adobe Pr to edit some clips and I screenshot the before & after of some moment of these clips.

As Andrea shows to me, there are three qualities of color: Hue, Saturation and Luminance, I try each of them to edit the shooting practice we did before:

Firstly, I use ‘RGB Curves’ to edit:

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