Hey, do you hear it?

From the reading of “Conventions of Sound in Documentary”, I got two points:

  1. About “Location Sound in Documentary”, I realize that sometimes the sound record in the location “is the lack of clarity of the sound track”. Some of the film production in the United States moved inside studios to make sound for the listener. Location sound is an important element in the video, whatever the sound recording from setting / context or the background in the location, they are all can ‘telling’ the audiences where does this happened. Even not watch the video, audience also can image where they perhaps at. But sometimes, some sound seems like excess like voice-over. So it’s really important to decide which sound recording we will use in the video making. If it useful or not.
  2. About the music in the soundscape of documentary films, this is the best part I really like. Firstly, music is a significance part of films, I can also feel its importance when I watching videos/ movies. Also, the facts from this article provide music’s magic and its development. Music seems like the essential parts of soundscape of documentary films or another storyteller. Most of time, the music of films have more rendering of emotional. “Music provides continuity, covers up edits, facilitates changes of scenes, provides mood, offers entertaining spectacle, allows for narrative interludes and montage sequences, and comments on the action.”

In short, a good film should get good sound/ music to boost. So if the audience enjoy the sound/ music, the film will get closer to the success.


Jeffrey, R 2013, Conventions of Sound in Documentary, University of Texas Press on behalf of the Society for Cinema & Media Studies, RMIT EBook, viewed 22 Aug 2014.


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