Website’s traffic

It’s easy for me to check my blog’s data on my blog. Additionally, this blog was regist by my RMIT student account, so I can’t use Google Analytics.


I just need to click the red circle area on the left top of my blog to check all data.

For checking my blog’s data, I find the most useful data like this below:


It clearly shows what kind of the topic people most interested in. Although my blog only has totally 150 views now, but I can guess what people like most. “editing”, “color” and “storytelling” are the popular hashtags.

As a strategy, I think I should search what are the most popular hashtags and category. Then think about can they relative to my blogs/ posts? If they can,  I will just do it. I notice that only US and Australia bloggers viewed my blog, thus I should find a best time to balance the timezone and schedule my post to meet that hour. In addition, I received many flowers notice auto sent to my email and lots of them are through, I decide to  edit my profile better to attract more flowers.


How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress for Beginners 2014, Wpbiginner, viewed 24 October 2014, <>

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