Iteration 2 Reflection- Step by Step 2

Editing by Adobe Premiere

Well, this is a conception for my final project – a slot game idea. I continue to use 9 split screens to show the iteration.

I set the iteration as a game. As you see, in the middle of the screen as a controller of whole video, there’s a button and can be pressed. I use mobile phone shot many public signposts to become the radom flash part and download the free sound to make it more work as a slot machine. In addition, the button footages shot by a crane game machine. I just need set the last still photo to become what I want to guide the next movement video. So actually, the photo is specified choosed but the video was shooting for random.

Well, this time I set the screens move like a counterclockwise way and use one clockwise way to become the end. Then change the footage scale and location to become whole screen.

Also, I showed a part of my final project I will talk later in another blog.


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